A Few of my Favorite (Fragrant) Things

by | Mar 30, 2017 | herbs, Incense, magic

So Tommie from Adventures in Woo Woo was giving me some shit on Facebook today about how I really need to update my blog more. He’s not wrong. So while I work on some amazingly groundbreaking essays (snark), I thought I’d write about some really great incenses that I’ve been using.

Sunshine Happy Incense

The great folks at Mastros and Zealot, Witches for Hire began offering a solar incense a few weeks ago. It has the awesome name Sunshine Happy, and it’s very appropriate. The incense is the loose kind that you would burn on a charcoal disk.

The ingredients include “frankincense, oranges, cinnamon, a variety of yellow summer flowers, including calendula and dandelion” and uses honey as a binder. The cinnamon is very high quality and you can certainly tell while burning it. The honey adds a nice sweet undertone, while the citrus is extremely subtle which surprised me a bit.

It feels like a warm late Spring day.

The smell was filled the room quickly, and I was surprised at how little smoke it make with frankincense being one of the primary ingredients. I’ve burned some to try it out when it arrived, and I used it once in ritual last Sunday. But it’s something I would also burn in the house just for the pleasant scents. It’s also a great deal at $23 for 1/2 cup.

Here’s the link to buy some.

Frankincense Joss Sticks

I’ve been using Riwo Sangchod sticks from Tibetan Treasures for my larger weekly offerings for about six or sevens months, so awhile back when I was reordering I checked out what else they had to offer. They sell several types of incense at $6 for 30 sticks. I choose the frankincense.

When it arrived I saw it was made with a base of sandalwood. The sticks are the type that don’t have a thin rod down the middle, it’s the incense mixture rolled into a stick that completely burns. The combo of the frankincense with faint touches of sandalwood is very pleasant. I’m not a superfan of pure sandalwood, but the way it is underplayed in this incense really works. They do burn relatively fast, so using them for a longer ritual might require lighting more than one.

I use them primarily during my daily prayers, and also as offerings on my ancestor altar, or just when I want enjoy the smell.

Buy some here.

Frankincense Resin on a Stick

The last one I’m reviewing I stumbled on completely by chance. I was in a metaphysical shop looking at the dry herbs and incense they had for sale and came across Fred Soll resin on a stick incense. I had never seen this before and had to try it. It looks they made a typical frankincense joss stick and coated it with crushed resin mixed with a binder. The result is the pure smell of burning resin without the bother of charcoal. These are very slow burning, so I tend to cut them in half.

I use it for longer rituals, and occasionally for meditation. This incense also has ended up being what I use Saturdays for Saint Cyprian when I don’t do something more elaborate.

I’ll keep buying it from my local shop, but you can buy it from their online store here at $8 for 10 sticks, $11.50 for 20 sticks, and samples for $1.They have several other varieties.