I started blogging as a way to keep track of some of my own adventures in the occult and magic, and to share things that other people I like are doing. My main areas of interest are magic in general, (post) chaos magic, Christian magic, rootwook, and planetary magic. But that’s not an exclusive list by any means. In fact, the goddess I work the most regularly with doesn’t fit there very easily (Hail Hekate!).

One my favorite things to do is make oils and incense, so I’m offering some of the standard one for sale in the shop part of the site. My hope for this blog is that occasionally I’ll post something people find helpful.

Who are you, anyway?

My name is John Umbras (that’s a link to my personal Facebook page, BTW). I grew up in your standard Pentecostal church in the south…tongues, getting “slain” in the spirit, prophecy (no snakes though). I ended up in the “revival/renewal” movements in the late 90s and saw some very crazy stuff. In college I went through a pretty intense “I’m an atheist, that’s all bullshit phase” but it didn’t stick. I studied meditation, Buddhism and eventually became more open to, shall I say, esoteric things. I jumped into chaos magic with both feet after experimenting with some sigils and it’s kind of been on from there.

I’ve come to realize that much, not all, but much of the crazy stuff I saw growing up in that type of church was legit, just not in the way I thought it was. Some Christians are damn good at magic, and I was around some good ones. One of the biggest steps in my magical path was to realize that the tech I learned then was good tech. And I can apply it to the magic I do today.

If you’re curious about any of this, or about any of the products I have for sale message me with the form below, or hit me up on Facebook.

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