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Financial Reset

Here’s my contribution to the Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop on Financial Magic. I tend to be much better at money magic than financial magic; this post is about some of my plans to fix that.

Oil of Christ’s Birth

Last year, during the Days of Cyprian, I had the inspiration to make an oil at Christmas to celebrate Christ’s birth and incorporate the power of that celebration into my life and magic. Through meditation, inspiration, and research a list of ingredients were finalized and a creation and consecration ritual was constructed. This post describes a little about how it was made and some spells and rituals for use.

Easter Meditations

Now may the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, equip you with everything good that you may do his will, working in you that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

A Few of my Favorite (Fragrant) Things

So Tommie from Adventures in Woo Woo suggested on Facebook today that I really need to update my blog more. He’s not wrong. So while I work on some amazingly groundbreaking essays (snark), I thought I’d write about some really great incenses that I’ve been using.

Necromancy class notes

(Note: this file has been updated to the October 2017 class) Here's the PowerPoint for the Necromancy class I taught at WDSC on 11/13/16. You can also download the PDF version. I'm afraid that I didn't keep track of all the questions so please if you need one answered...

Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop Three – Magic of Place

Welcome to the third Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop. If you’re not familiar with Strategic Sorcery, it is the excellent year-long magical course run by Jason Miller of All of us writing in the blog hop have either completed or are in the process of taking the course. I know that I speak for everyone, when I say it’s phenomenal and you should sign up right now at the link above.

Sigil Magic class notes

Here is PowerPoint used in the Introduction to Sigil Magic class I taught at Willow DragonStone Community Coven. It looks like the gif on slide 29 won't render (and I can't find the gif again), but you can see the behavior here. Some of the slides might not make full...

Better Magical Links

It’s not the point of this post to get into the whys or hows that links work, but I will say a bit. Whether you’re sending energy or siccing a demon (or angel) on someone, there needs to be way to specify exactly whom you’re targeting. Folk magics, and hoodoo in particular, place a great emphasis on going to the trouble to very specifically identify your target. That’s why there’s so much emphasis placed on links that contain DNA or dirt where your target has walked. There are stories of people going to great trouble and sometimes risk to get a good physical link.

Looking at Easter

Some of the most powerful mystical experiences I've had have been with a practitioners who do shamanistic workings (but are not, and would like being called, shamans). I've been in rituals where, after hours of chanting, the group leader, and others, would literally...

Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop – Planetary Magic

Welcome to the master list of posts for Planetary Magic, hosted by the Strategic Sorcery community. Strategic Sorcery is a "one year boot camp in tactical magic". Author, sorcerer and all around great guy Jason Miller gives a series of 52 lessons that jumps off from...

Planetary Oils

Welcome to the last post in Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop on Planetary Magic! Planetary magic is a huge topic, but lots of great stuff has already been said about it. I’ve been getting lots of pentacles in my tarot drawings lately, so I decided on to write about something practical. Since some folks like my previous post on making incense I decided to make a post on making oil, specifically planetary oils.

Making Solar Incense

Day 25 of the 31 Days of Magic challenge I'm going this month was to create a magical incense. I'm preparing for a Helios rite in February so making an incense to use seemed like a good idea. Instead of making incense to burn on charcoal disks, I want to make...

Mercury’s in Retrograde? Already?

Run! Don't talk to people! Don't use your computer! Lock yourself in the bathroom until January 25! It's another f'ing Mercury Retrograde! I actually didn't remember that Mercury was going all retro until my January 5th started off with an argument with my wife. And...

John the Conqueror Song

I stumbled across this song and had to share it. High John the Conqueror is a very powerful and popular root used for lots of things. The blues singer Muddy Waters recorded a song about it. The vid and the lyrics are below.

Chinese Floor Wash

An important part of folk magic in general, and hoodoo in particular, is the use of floor washes. They are used for protection, luck, cleansing and everything in between. You can use them in the home and a place of business.

Chinese Floor Wash is one of the classic and most used of the floor washes. It contains the same herbs and scents as Van Van Oil and is used in similar ways. You can use Chinese Floor Wash for protection, spiritual cleansing of you home, as a welcome for new beginnings, and to maintain a peaceful home and a faithful partner.