Oil of Christ’s Birth

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Christianity, magic

Last year, during the Days of Cyprian, I had the inspiration to make an oil at Christmas to celebrate Christ’s birth and incorporate the power of that celebration into my life and magic. Through meditation, inspiration, and research a list of ingredients were finalized and a creation and consecration ritual was constructed. Among these ingredients were dirt from a church were the perpetual adoration of the Host is observed, frankincense and myrrh resin, frankincense and myrrh essential oils, gold leaf, and the alchemical essence of gold (purchased from Kymia Arts).

I’ve very happy with the result, and it can be purchased here for $33.30. One tenth (a tithe) of each purchase will be donated to the church were the dirt was collected. There are two reasons I just now, in May, offering it for sale. First I wanted to use it for a few months myself, and second I wanted to make sure I had enough to use it in making some more oils on the occasions of Good Friday, Easter, and Pentecost. As it can only be made at Christmas I’m also keeping back a good bit for my own use.

I believe that this oil has more uses that I’m aware of at the moment, but below are a handful of spells and rituals in which the oil can be used. Now, strictly speaking, you don’t have to have the oil for them, and my hope is that even if you don’t buy the oil the spells are helpful.

One other use that I’ve found for the oil is as a birthing oil for other creations. Like I said above, I’ve used it to make similar oils, for my own personal use, on the day of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. Finally, when the bottle is used up there will be a materia a the bottom. If you same a small amount of the original oil, you can birth a new bottle by filling it up with olive oil and performing the “Welcoming the Gift” spell on the new bottle.

Spells and Rituals
Welcoming the Gift

Before putting the oil to use, it is necessary to personally make a gift of it to Christ and His mother. Ideally, this should be done with the consecrated host sealed in a red bag and before images of both the Sacred Heart of Christ and the Blessed Virgin. At a minimum it should be done before these images and accompany the following ritual with praying the rosary. Novena candles to the Blessed Virgin and the Sacred Heart of Christ are wonderful for this. The only things needed for this are frankincense and myrrh incense.

Light the candles and incense and pray the following (feel free to adapt this into your own words):

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

As the Magi brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh,

I bring to You this gift of consecrated oil, and I humbly ask for Your blessing.

And that every blessing from the birth of Your Son would be made manifest through this oil.

Oh Lord Jesus Christ, look upon this offering of oil with favor.

You, Whose name is called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

May it be a blessing to me that I might be a blessing to other.


Daily Anointing

Taking a few moments at the beginning of your day to anoint yourself with oil serves at least purposes. First, it gives you a chance to center yourself and just stop. Most of us are rushing through our morning routine any time we carve out and be mindful is important. Second, we purposefully sanctify the day, no matter how mundane our plans. This type of anointing combines wonderfully with daily prayer to the planetary rulers.

Oh Lord, the Redeemer, I thank you for the gift of oil.

 As Moses anointed Aaron, I anoint myself with consecrated oil.

May this day be sanctified and set aside for good fortune.

Let this oil be a mark of blessing on me and all that I do this day.


Connecting to Christ

Thousands and thousands of us left Christianity with a bitter taste in our mouths. One of my long-term goals is to help, in whatever small way I can, to bring the context of Christianity back to its mystical roots. Most of the healing I’ve experienced from the pain I suffered in the church, and after leaving, has been through forging a relationship with Christ in a magical and mystical context. And, as twisted as it sounds, this was tremendously helped by a ritual to cast off Christianity found in Paul Huson’s classic Mastering Witchcraft. In the book he describes a ritual of praying the Lord’s Prayer backward. The only modification I would make to this is that if you were a Protestant and prayed a “sinner’s prayer” upon conversion, pray that backwards instead.

So the first step in reconnecting with Christ is to rid yourself of the control and guilt that others have put upon you in the name of Christ. When and if you choose to reach out to Him again, in a magical context in this case, it will be voluntary act free of the trappings your past.

  • For three nights in a row, right before going to bed, light a candle (black if you have one), and say the following

Nema! Livee morf su revilled tub

Noishaytpmet ootni ton suh deel

Suh tshaiga sapsert tath yeth

Vigrawf eu za sesapsert rua suh vigrawf.

Derb ilaid rua yed sith suh vig

Neveh ni si za thre ni Nud eeb liw eyth

Muck mod-ngik eyth

Main eyth eeb dwohlah Neveh ni tra chioo

Rertharf rua!

As you chant, visualize your hands and feet bound in fetters and chains and lightening from the above striking them into molten shards at your feet. Blow out the candle and say “So be it.”

The modification for us Protestants is instead to chant.

Eman ruoy ni, roivas dna drol ym sa uoy wollof dna tsurt ot tnaw I.
Efil dna traeh ym otni emoc ot uoy etivni dna snis ym morf nrut I.
Daed eht morf esor dna snis ym rof deid uoy eveileb I.
Ssenevigrof ruoy rof ksa I dna ,rennis a ma I taht wonk I, susej drol raed.

  • Wait three more days, and pay attention to your dreams. Then, for the next set of three days, immediately when you wake up light a white candle, anoint yourself with the Oil of Christ’s birth and perform the Daily Anointing ritual above. On the third day pray

Lord Jesus Christ,

I am free of the bondage of past understandings of You,

I ask you now to reveal to me your true nature.

Speak to me in dreams, visions, nature and through others.

Hear this request, and grant me what I ask.


  • Pay attention for the prayer to come to pass.

Here is a spell to reconcile with someone that you’ve had a falling out with. You’ll need

  • Oil of Christ’s birth
  • Consecrated Host (unless you’re a priest, go to mass and when they give the host to you, pocket it instead of eating it)
  • Red ribbon
  • Picture of yourself and of the other person
  • Red cloth material
  • Image or candle of the Sacred Heart of Christ

Light a white candle, or the Sacred Heart of Christ candle, and pray from your heart that Christ will heal the divide between you and bring you together. Anoint the picture of the other person asking Christ to bring them to you. Anoint your picture asking the same. Now place the pictures on either side of the host, with the pictures facing each other, and wrap the red ribbon around them in the shape of a cross.

Clasp the pictures and host in your hand and pray

Oh Lord Jesus Christ, to you Sacred Heart I make this prayer
Restore us! Reconcile us! Bring us together!
By your mercy, bring Peace and Goodwill to us!
Oh my God, in You I trust, I know you will not fail me!
Oh Sacred Heart of Christ I put my trust in you!

Leave it on your altar (or shelf if you don’t have a permanent altar) until you are reconciled with the person. Then wrap it in the red cloth and bury it in your backyard.

This is the hardest part for some people, but you should now look for an opportunity to apologize for your part in what drove you apart.