Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop – Financial Magic

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Blog Hop, magic

Every once and awhile several of us that have taken, or are in the process of taking, Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery class get together and write about the same topic for a blog hop. I’m really excited to be hosting this one which is all about financial magic. This is kind of a specialty of Jason’s and he’s even written a book about it called Financial Sorcery. So without anymore chatter from me (at least on this post) here are the links. Read them in order, skip around, or roll a die. Have fun.

  • Starting us out is Sfinga at Summoned Sphinx providing examples of how to layer different kinds of magical strategies to accumulate financial luck.
  • Next, Scarlet Magdalene at Alchemical Musing writes about doing financial magic right after having learned the absolute hard way how not to do the thing.
  • Alan at WitchInTheBurbs writes about mistakes made by beginners and experienced alike that limit prosperity magick.
  • Our first video entry in a Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop, Chaweon, at Witches & Wine, vlogs about how she made $400 on a roller coaster…as well as how she used Jupiter magic the right (and wrong!) way.
  • Next is Andrew Watt writing about the limits of the Rule of Seventy-Two…and how the knowledge of the rule can direct and focus your magic on areas that you control, rather than on the one thing that you probably can’t control.
  • Shelley of Sparrow Tarot talks about coping with money triggers and emotions.
  • At the excellent Traif Banquet Sara tells us about the role of labor solidarity in magic.
  • My contribution, here at Cross the Dark, talks about how I’m working on resetting my financial set points.

And, as a special bonus entry, Jason wrote about seven steps to a six-figure figure sorcery (from which the above image is taken).